Teen Titans Go! for Adults

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Everyone who has children, in particular boys, will probably know the cartoon series Teen Titans Go! It is one of those quite screaming, ADHD-like, cartoons. Recently they also came out with a movie, called Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (which actually was quite funny).
Anyway, since the 12th of October 2018 DC Entertainment (together with Berlanti, Warner Bros. and Weed Road)launched a new TV-Series called Titans.
The story is about Dick Grayson (Robin) teaming up with Rachel Roth (Raven), Koriand’r (Starfire) and Gar Logan (Beast Boy). The first three episodes you will be introduced to all the main character’s.

Dick Grayson (by Brenton Thwaites) is a police detective. As a child he lost his parents and being an orphan, Bruce Wayne offered to take care of and look after Dick. We all know what happend next. Batman and Robin were born.

Rachel Roth (by Teagan Croft) is a school girl, a bit of an out cast, but a special one. She has dark powers, apparently very dark powers which she still needs to learn how to control and use them. After a traumatic experience she runs away from home and ends up at the police station where Dick Grayson works.

Meanwhile Koriand’r (by Anna Diop) wakes up after she had a car accident. She hasn’t got a clue why she ended up there, nor does she knows who she is. The only thing she knows, after some events happen, is that she was trying to find this girl. Not having a clue why she is. On top of that she discovers she has powers too.

Last but not least, this gamer-type boy, Gar Logan (by Ryan Potter), has his own special power which he uses for his own convenience. He also crosses paths with Raven.

Without giving away too much spoilers, the four of them will join together and become the Titans! With Dick a.k.a. Robin as the leader of the pack, they combat evil and other perils. You will get to know their own individual story and reasons why they are who they are or in some cases, who they become.
This new superheroes series is of a different genre than some other ones that came out of the DC kitchen. The action scenes in this series are a bit more violent than you are used to when it comes to DC TV series. If I compare this with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, than those three are more “friendly”. Titans is more like i.e. Marvel’s Daredevil (S3) when it comes to the action and fighting scenes and even then I think that this one is a bit more advanced. But less violent than The Punisher! The special effects are great and probably better. It’s more like the answer to and the better version of Marvel’s The Defenders. The actors are relatively fresh, especially Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter, which makes it quite nice to watch. New faces on the television and they are doing a great job so far!

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