Stoofvlees met friet

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  • Latest reviews on Stoofvlees met friet

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    This text was written in Dutch - For the original text click here

    No matter what the original recipe is, this recipe is really delicious! It is very easy to make and low budget. You can make this dish for 4 persons for under € 10. I am fortunate that I live in a city center where I have a Turkish supermarket with a butcher withing walking distance. If you want to eat this, you have to plan it upfront. If you want this to eat at 17:00:00 hours, then you are too late. The total cooking time is 3½ hours. Preparation 10 minutes.

    What do you need?
    1 kg beef stew meat (beef flap or blade steak)
    1 glass of red wine
    1 large carrot
    1 large onion
    4 large mushrooms
    2-3 bay leafs
    3 cloves
    2 diced beef broth (Oxo beef)*
    ½ cup gravy (Bisto gravy)*
    3 parsley sprigs, finely chopped (of which 1 to garnish)

    * These are UK products I have used, as an alternative you can use other beef stock cubes/powder and other gravy (powder) instead.

    Cooking instructions
    Cut the meat into cubes, not too small, otherwise it looks like cat food. Put salt and pepper on it. Then mix in a bowl with flour. Just enough that all the pieces of meat are floured.

    The flower makes the sauce slightly thicker

    Put a good knob of butter in a casserole pan (medium heat). When the butter has melted and is almost brown, you can put the meat in it. Bake until all the meat is seared and brown.

    Meanwhile, you can chop the onion, the mushrooms and carrots into medium-sized pieces.
    Quench it off with red wine. When the alcohol is evaporated add a dash of hot water too it, so it does not burn. Add the vegetables and stir through, let it bake.

    Sprinkle over the bouillon powder, add hot water and stir together. Make sure everything in the pan is just under water.

    Now add the bay leaves, cloves and parsley and then just stir.

    The heat can be on low now and put the lid on the pan, but not completely, leave it slightly open, so the water evaporates slowly.

    You can set the timer to 3½ hours now. Do stirr regularly! (At least every half an hour.) You can not leave it alone. I also recommend to taste in between, you might miss something, like pepper or salt, you can always add extra. Take the lid off 45 minutes before the cooking time is finished. Now add the half a cup of gravy (it results that the sauce gets thicker and because the lid is off, the water can evaporate quickly.)

    Depending on how the chips gets to the plate (via the local snack bar or the fat fryer), make sure it is ready when the beef stew is ready too.

    Do a final taste test and add more salt if necessary. The meat is done when it easily can be pulled apart with two forks. If this is not the case, let it cook a bit longer, but 3½ hours really should be more than enough.

    Make up the plate with chips first and put the beef stew on top. To get some color to it, sprinkle some chopped parsley over it or you can let the parsley be as it is and just lay it on top.

    Bon appetite!

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    • Beginner
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    Preparation time: Less than 30 mins
    Cooking time: More than 2 hrs
    Serves: Up to 6
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