Steamed buns

  • Latest reviews on Steamed buns
  • Latest reviews on Steamed buns
  • Latest reviews on Steamed buns

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    1 can Danerolles Petit Pain White
    250 gr chicken thigh
    2 tbs ketjap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
    1 tsp sambal or half a chili pepper, sliced
    1 spring onion
    1 red paprika
    1/2 cucumber
    little gem lettuce

    How to?
    0. Make sure you have a big enough pan to steam 6 buns. Heat up the steamer. so it is ready for use.
    1. Start with the steamed buns.
    2. Roll the bun dough on a floured surface, until the have an oval shape.
    3. Cut squares of 10cmx10cm out of baking paper.
    4. Fold the buns in half and put one of those baking paper squares in the middle.
    5. Lay some baking paper on the bottom of your steam basket, so the buns won’t stick. Steam the buns for 15 minutes.

    6. Cut the chicken in little cubes, fry these (with some olive oil) and 5 minutes before it’s ready, pour the ketjap in and add the sambal or chili pepper.

    7. Cut the cucumber, paprika and spring onion in thin slices.
    8. Tear some leaves off the lettuce.

    Built your bun!
    9. Don’t take the lit off the steaming pan quickly, but make sure first a bit of steam can leave the pan. After that, you can take off the lit completely.
    10. Take out the buns and put them on a plate. Start with the lettuce, followed by the chicken and the rest of the vegetables.
    Serve with a chili sauce or chili oil.

    Bon appétit!

    * This recipe is from and adjusted.

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    Type of Course: Finger-food, Main, and Recipes
    Recipe Criteria:
    • Beginner
    • Steamer
    Preparation time: Less than 30 mins
    Cooking time: Less than 30 mins
    Serves: Up to 2
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    1. Jacqueline van Rossum Post authorSteamed bunsThis Review was written in Dutch - For the original text click here

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      Fulfils expectations

      Tried this recipe once and I must say, For the first time it was not bad. You have to have a large pot to steam the buns or else in two or three times. It is not a quick dish, but easy and tasty. The second time I made this, I rather Danerolles rolls, readymade frozen steamed buns at Toko removed. Saves a drawing.

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