Luther is coming back

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Kick-ass DCI Luther (Idris Elba) will return according to BBC! This is such good news. Especially since it is 3 years ago that Season 4 came out. Season 5 will have 4 episodes. It sounds too less, baring in mind that mist American series have 20+ episodes, but for some reason Luther gets away with it. Just collect all four episodes first (only if you have enough patience) and then watch them all at once and pretend you are watching a four hour movie (232 mins in total).
The release date is not known yet, but I would expect it will be beginning 2019.

Luther’s story continues, so many or actually one question left after Season 4: What really happend with Alice? she really dead? I know she was annoying, but somehow you could (eventually) understand his attraction to her. How did he deal with the loss of is ex-wife? Or the loss of DS Ripley? And is Detective Sgt. Halliway still hunting him down?
Watching the Trailer of Season 5 it looks like Luther will get himself involved in finding gangster George’s son Alistair. What I like about BBC series like these is that it so realistic and raw. They don’t make it look prettier than it already is or even when it isn’t pretty, in that case they just leave it ugly.

If you are really curious who’s in this new Season you can have a peak at and figure it out for yourself:
Cast Luther Season 5.
But it might be a bit of a spoiler.

I hope an official release date will come soon!

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